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Statement on the Metropolitan Sewer District Funding Controversy

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014
Sean Patrick Feeney Supports Unions
Sean Patrick Feeney Supports Unions

My anti-union general election opponent and anti-union, anti-fair-tax GE manager, Chris Monzel, announced today that rather than let the City of Cincinnati hire responsible bidders to start work on the federally mandated Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) upgrades, he and the other Republican Commission member would be wasting time and money by taking the City to court over the issue.

Supporters rally outside the Commissioners’ Office last week.

The issue as phrased to the Federal Court will be who gets to set policy for the MSD – the County, which owns it, or the City, which operates it. But the Republican Commissioners’ problem is with the City’s Responsible Bidder law. It requires contractors who are awarded MSD projects of $400,000 or more to invest in quality training for unemployed and under-employed workers in Cincinnati. This provides an opportunity for these local residents to earn a living and support families without public assistance, benefiting the entire community.

Republicans dislike Responsible Bidder laws because it means their “job creator” friends would have to do responsible things to continue receiving public welfare in the form of government contracts, like invest in worker training. They argue that the laws favor unions, because union shops already have responsible training and apprenticeship programs. The reality is that workers need to learn their trade somehow – and industry-recognized employer training programs are a much better deal for Hamilton County residents than student loans are.

By voting for Sean Patrick Feeney on May 6th and Nov. 4th you’ll enable a rare pro-labor majority on the Commission who can stop the delays and put Hamilton County residents back to work.